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Telco Power Monitoring                            -On-Site Power Monitoring & Report Is Included Free as a part of Our Investigations Process. 


-Free Power Monitoring Analysis Report is Provided along with Our Final Report.



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Our Consultants have in-depth field experience into the most difficult power, grounding, environmental issues of todays High Technology Environments - Telecommunications is especially vulnerable to all of natures fury.

Professional On Site Services:

  • Power Line Assessment
  • Site Hardening to reduce Site Vulnerability to Lightning Strikes
  • Site / Pedestal / CO / Cellular Grounding Assessment & Evaluation
  • EMI / RFI / Psychometrics / Electromagnetic Fields / Noise
  • Lightning Strike Damage Assessment - Causes / Mitigation
  • GPR - Ground Potential Rise Assessment & Calculations - Causes / Mitigation
  • Isolated and Integrated Grounding Schemes & Design (BellCore)
  • Ground Field Testing: Single point (transformer), 2 point resistance, 3 and 4 point fall of potential methods.
  • Ground Field Testing Without Disconnecting Existing Ground - without disrupting site grounding connections using fall of potential methods.  This prevents potential of taking site down under ground fault conditions if present.
  • Existing Ground Field Evaluation
  • Can Investigate All Environmental Conditions Surrounding Issues
  • Internal / External Site Fault Currents on Grounding System (Ground / Neutral / Net Sequence Currents)
  • TIA 607, 942, ANSI 487 - 367, IEEE 80, NFPA 70
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA222-G Cell Tower Grounding Standard
  • Unknown Causes of Site / CO / Customer Equipment Damage
  • Power / Grounding / Environmental: Investigations, Surveys, Audits
  • 30+ Years Of Direct Field Experience in High Technology Environments
  • Free Report With Findings & Recommendations
  • Call Us - For A Free Initial Discussion

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